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T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC. is a growing communications firm providing home theater, alarm services,...

In today's high-tech world the demand for reliable telecommunications and computer network environments is continually increasing. As a result, the costs and the complexity associated with corporate and residential computer network communication infrastructures is also constantly increasing. At the core of these complex networking cabling systems is the voice, data, video, and fiber optics that must transmit your data and information both reliably and continuously. Keeping your lines of communication transmitting properly requires well planned, properly installed cabling from T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC.

T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC. is a growing communications firm providing home theater, alarm services, video surveillance, computer network cabling and telecommunications installation, repair, and maintenance. We can however, make travel arrangements across the United States when needed.

With over 15 years of experience in the voice, data, coaxial, video, and fiber optics cabling industry, and over 10 years of experience in computer hardware, software, networks, firewalls and other software and hardware fields. We formed T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC. to bring forth our talents in the telecommunications and network cabling industry. This is due in response to customer demand, and the realization that providing a full spectrum of communication applications 24 hours a day is the best way to meet customers needs and demands. In addition, we try to establish long term relationships with our clients enabling us to better understand our client's needs so that we can implement compatible long term solutions. Were not trying to be the biggest, just offer superior service and excellent performance with the skills and reliability you want from a multi functioning company. We are backed by a Illinois state contractor A license, insurance, and bonding if needed. And of course, bringing you a price and a guarantee that is unmatched. Please go to our services page to view all products and services provided by T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please go to our contact us page and we will get back with you in no less than 24 hours, in most cases we will respond within a few hours. All messages left by phone will be responded to within 5-7 minutes. In addition, all information given to us will be held in strict confidentiality, and will not be shared to anyone outside T. L. POLK INDUSTRIES, INC.


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Vendor Partnerships

Secuirty System - Lynx 5200
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Alarm System Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5200 all-in-one home and business control system features a bright, 4.7" full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features live video on demand, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents, and remote software upgradeability.

The Wi-Fi® module offers the lowest cost alarm communications (including two-way voice) and remote services solution – saving installation time and reducing monthly operating costs.
Secuirty System - Lynx 7000

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Alarm System Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 7000 control system features a bright, 7" full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts for easy operation. It features on-screen video, Z-Wave® automation capabilities, advanced alarm communications, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents, and remote software upgradeability.

LYNX Touch 7000 is designed for broadband cellular communications. The Wi-Fi® module offers the lowest cost alarm communications (including two-way voice) and remote services solution – saving installation time and reducing monthly operating costs.

Secuirty System - Honeywell Total Connect®

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Alarm System
Alarm System
Alarm System
Who says you can’t be everywhere at once? View live video on the go for anytime peace of mind with Honeywell Total Connect® Video Solutions. Whether you’re across the street or across the world, checking up on your home is as easy as checking your phone.

Live, Look-in Video

• Keep an eye on your home anytime, anywhere, from any web-enabled smart device or computer—with or without a security system
• Check up on your kids, babysitters, pets, elderly loved ones, contractors and housekeepers
• Monitor vulnerable spots like entrances, patios, pool areas and more
• View up to six cameras at a time, including low-light models for visibility in dark indoor environments
• Remotely move pan/tilt cameras to see different views of an area
• Look in on multiple locations from a single account—great for vacation home owners and real estate investors
• Free apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™

Real-Time Alerts

Get email notifications, text and video alerts to know what happens in real time. You can see exactly when your child gets home from school, when a pet sitter arrives or when a door, gate or window is opened. You can customize notifications by time, day or motion detection so you only view the events you want to.

Secuirty System - TUXEDO TOUCH™

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Alarm System

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is a 7", high-resolution graphic touchscreen and controller that integrates security with home and business automation. It provides opportunities to capture new prospects and markets by seamlessly integrating security with voice commands, video viewing and recording, and the ability to control Z-Wave® enabled thermostats, lights, locks and shades. This versatile product is the perfect way to differentiate your business and safeguard your accounts.

Consumers can now utilize groundbreaking voice control in everyday living. By speaking commands such as “leaving the house” or “returning home”, users can perform a range of tasks, such as arming their systems, adjusting Z-Wave enabled thermostats, controlling lights, locking doors and more.

With Honeywell Total Connect™ Remote Services, users can also view cameras, control their security system, lights, locks and thermostats, and receive event-driven email and video alerts remotely—a great opportunity for additional RMR.

Security Camera - Marine Camera

Alarm System The super rugged stainless steel (AISI 316) ELM-700BL-IR is designed to resist the harshest environments. Salt-mist and chemicals can corrode ordinary cameras, but the ELM-700BL-IR is specifically designed to maintain its structural integrity and internal electronics under these aggressive and corrosive conditions. The camera features IR nighttime illumination to reveal the action under any lighting condition. With its waterproof and compact body, it is ready to capture high-resolution footage no matter what the environment. The ELM- 700BL-IR is perfect for marine applications like ships, yachts, marinas, or wherever there are caustic or corrosive elements.
Security Camera - Dat_ELID1

Security Camera The EL-ID1 is an advanced license plate camera that utilizes IR illuminators to capture license plates in all weather and lighting conditions. Installed at access points, the EL-ID1 captures plates of vehicles entering and exiting properties at speeds of up to 30mph within a distance of 20’. Built-in infrared illumination enables plate capture under any lighting conditions; while intelligent saturation technology eliminates motion blur and headlight/sunlight glare for a high-contrast image. Delivering perfect plate capture, the EL-ID1 allows the identification of front and rear license plates regardless of the weather or lighting conditions.

Security Camera - Dat_ICR300H3

Security Camera The ICR-300H3 was designed off the ICR-200's orbital chassis, but the ICR-300H3 takes performance to a new level with a larger size and more advanced features. With its new super high-resolution 1/3" Sony Super HAD 700TVL image sensor comes stronger IR LED’s: up to 100' of long-range nighttime viewing. The camera boasts a varifocal lens that can be set between 2.8-12mm for the perfect amount of flexibility. Beyond that, the camera chassis itself is fully weatherproof, making it suitable for installations in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you like the ICR-200, you will love the ICR-300H3.

Security Camera - AVS-D2110

Security Camera The award winning, ‘orbital’ dome camera design, now with better technology than ever. The AVSD2210 is the deceptively strong, high definition dome camera of tomorrow. This camera is a weatherproof, day/night, HD-AVS camera. It supports a more conventional dome design, in a compact housing. The smaller footprint of this camera can make it more desirable in applications where the performance of the camera needs to be as beautiful as it’s aesthetics. The camera chassis itself is IP 66 weatherproof, contains a 3.6mm lens, and a 1.3MP imager which outputs a sharp 720P video stream. This camera is well suited for locations that need a dome style camera, but the appearance of the camera needs to be minimal. HD-AVS cameras are only compatible with HD-AVS DVR systems, and cannot be used with standard definition recorders. By adopting this latest technology, previously existing analog CCTV systems can rapidly be upgraded to high definition by replacing both cameras and recorders with HD-AVS products!

Security Camera - ICIP-360L12

Security Camera A 12.0 Megapixel 360° Indoor/Outdoor Dome camera with a built in microphone. The ICIP360L12 series camera is a realtime, 360° situational awareness camera. It is capable of recording a wide area of surveillance, and de-warping the native FishEye view in order to watch a stream that is undistorted to the human eye.

  • IR Max 30 Ft.
  • IP66
  • Built in Microphone
  • PoE
  • IC720 Platform Compatible
Security Camera - ICIP-B5000AF

Security Camera This sleek bullet design contains an impressive 5 Megapixel Progressive Scan Aptina CMOS sensor, capable of outputting a crisp, clear high res image. The optics are located behind the removable black snout, which conceals the 4 - 9mm vari-focal lens. This camera is IP 66 rated and highly weatherproof. This camera is fully accessible via the entire ICR software suite, and is also compatible with third party ONVIF recorders and streamers. This camera also comes equipped with an audio input for external microphones, alarm I/O’s, and support for PoE power.

  • 4~9mm vari-focal motorized lens
  • Max 12fps@5M(2560×1920)
  • 25/30fps@1080P(1920×1080)
  • DWDR, Day/Night(ICR), 3DNR
  • Max IR 90Ft
Security Camera - ICIP-D5000VIR

Security Camera This durable vandal dome contains an impressive 5 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS sensor, capable of outputting a crisp, clear high res image. The optics are a motorized 4 - 9mm vari-focal lens. This camera is IK 10, IP 66 rated and highly weatherproof. This camera is fully accessible via the entire ICR software suite, and is also compatible with third party ONVIF recorders and streamers. This camera also comes equipped with an audio input for external microphones, alarm I/O’s, and support for PoE power.

  • 4 ~ 9mm vari-focal motorized lens
  • Max 12fps@5MP (2560×1920) & 30fps@1080P (1920×1080)
  • DWDR, Day/Night (ICR), 3DNR
  • Max IR 60’/20m
Security Camera - ICIP-D3077P

Security Camera The ICIP D3077P is a high resolution 3MP robotic point dome camera with a super low profile (no zoom). The 3 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS sensor and included 3.6mm fixed lens output a crisp and clear image with a rather wide field of vision. The ICIP D3077P is an indoor / outdoor camera with an IP-66 and IK10 rating. This camera supports PoE, is fully accessible via the entire ICR software suite, and is also ONVIF compatible.

  • 3.6mm fixed lens
  • 1/3" 3Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
  • IP66, IK10
  • Max 100°/s preset speed, ±180° Pan range, 90°Tilt range
  • Max 20fps@3M(2048×1536), 25/30fps@1080P
Security Camera - ICIP-P3020HD-IR

Security Camera The ICIP-P3020HD-IR is a 3 Megapixel camera with IR LEDs capable of 300' of Illumination, and 20x optical zoom. The PTZ camera auto recognizes standard protocols over RS-485 such as ICR-SD and Pelco-P/D, without troublesome dipswitches or configuration. It supports both H.264 video and MPEG4 audio transmission, simultaneously. This camera can function independent of an NVR. By utilizing H.264 video and MPEG4 audio compression, the highest stream quality is achieved while also maintaining excellent stream compression and bandwidth. The ICIP-3020HD-IR enclosure itself has a strong impact rating, which can guarantee proper operation even under a heavy strike. The ICIP- 3020HD-IR also supports analog video output and two-way, bidirectional talk. It can be used in either analog or IP environments.

  • 4.7mm ~ 94.0mm, 20× optical zoom
  • IR LEDs up to 300’
  • Max 240°/s pan speed, 360° endless pan rotation
  • MPEG4 Audio & Bi-directional Talk
  • IP66
Home Automation Savant's groundbreaking home automation solutions are designed to bring together all of the smart home technologies, media content, and internet connectivity that, when working in concert, result in an efficient and comfortable lifestyle. At Savant, we merge all of this exciting home control functionality and place it at your fingertips through sleek and intuitive user interfaces that are already a part of everyday life for many people's Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

Enjoy the ultimate convenience of a custom-tailored Smart Home that easily connects to and manages multiple intelligent control services and devices simultaneously, effortlessly synchronizing countless commands to suit each household member's smart home control preferences.
Home Automation Enjoy home automation by pressing the Home button to turn on specific lights in the house, set a pre-determined temperature, play your favorite music, and activate the jets to your hot tub.

As you leave the house, press the Away button for automated lighting control that turns off and closes specific lights and shades, adjusts the heat or air conditioning, and activates your security system.

Trigger your morning wake-up to open the shades, activate intelligent lighting to turn on select lights, and play music or turn on your favorite TV or radio programming.

Perform any of these home control functions and more when away from home using Savant's Automation Application on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
Theater With a fully integrated Savant System, convert the family media room or professionally designed home theater into the ultimate viewing experience.

From a Single Savant SmartSystem, pilot your home theater to:

- Control your media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature, etc.
- Enable heart-pounding 7.1 surround sound
- Distribute HD 1080p video
- Access and stream content from online sources such as YouTube, Hulu and more!
Theater Home theater control made easy with a push of a button from a docked iPad®, your home theater can be automated to cue up your favorite movie, dim lights, close shades, set a predetermined temperature, even start popping the popcorn!

Audio Savant's whole-house audio solutions can satisfy the discerning ear of any astute or casual listener.

Whether you are having a house party or quietly relaxing by the pool, create the ambiance you desire by playing independent audio streams from multiple formats and sources to set the mood or enhance your surroundings.

Audio Your iPhone® or iPod touch® is now a dynamic source for immediate entertainment using smart home control.

Any iPhone or iPod touch becomes an active media player within your smart home's whole house audio system. Simply connect your iPhone or a guest's iPod touch to a Savant Media Dock, and the media content loaded on each device can be distributed to any room.

Audio A SmartSystem from Savant is well-equipped for AV control and management, boasting an integrated iTunes®-based digital media server that provides a familiar digital jukebox experience.

All of the family's favorite music, movies, television shows, and more can be securely stored, quickly accessed, shared, displayed, and selectively distributed throughout the home. Up to four independent and simultaneous types of iTunes media can stream to any area in the home, effectively achieving whole-house audio video distribution.

Audio Cloud friendly - Savant delivers iTunes-Match™ Compatibility.

Homeowners can now automatically sync music and playlists between their home computer, any compatible iOS device and their Savant system, making media storage ubiquitous and user-friendly to the highest degree.

Any song uploaded to your iTunes account from any registered device at home, your secondary residence or on the go, will automatically be added to your Savant multi-room audio/video library and will be available to play throughout your home.

Lighting intelligent lighting control is designed to give you a level of command and innovation that goes far beyond the ability to easily adjust the lights in your home.

Lighting Eco-friendly total lighting control that acts in your best interest whether you are home or away: Automated lighting control integrates with motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.

Configure specific intelligent lighting to go on at sunset and off at daybreak.

With one touch initiate a Goodnight scene to deactivate all interior lights as exterior floodlighting is turned on.

Remotely monitor and adjust home lighting control status throughout the house while away from home using your iPhone® or iPod touch®.

Lighting "True" lighting control like no other

With Savant's TrueImage™ Control technology use an iPad® to simply touch an image of the actual light in the room you desire to control, and not only will the light in the room turn on/off or dim when pressed, but it will also illuminate on the iPad to confirm the command. Learn more...

Climate Savant gives you ultimate home climate control throughout your residence. With a Savant SmartSystem, enable your thermostats and window shades or blinds to work together to improve energy efficiency, reduce the demands of the heating and cooling systems and prevent damage to expensive furnishings from over exposure to harmful UV rays.

Command your climate:

Set a comfortable temperature setting in a specific room or the entire house using smart control systems

Close the blinds in your living room while opening the shades in the kitchen.

Pre-set blinds to close during the midday sun to keep the interior cool, conserve energy, and protect expensive furnishing.

Remotely monitor and adjust climate status throughout the house while away from home using an iPhone® or iPod touch® for easy smart home automation.

Easily Set your Climate Control Events.

From your iPad, Savant's HVAC Scheduler allows users to quickly create their own climate schedules based on time of day and month of year events including season change, temperature and humidity.

Copying, adding, deleting and viewing HVAC schedules is simple. Moreover, creating cooling and heating set points based on time of events is accomplished by dragging a cooling and/or heat point to the specific time of day.

Communications Whether you need to call room-to-room, or make and receive domestic or international calls, Savant's iPad® intercom features and advanced telephone platform are easy and efficient for everyone to use.

Complete IP home phone system

With the introduction of it's integrated phone system, Savant leverages its ongoing convergence of Apple® technology as the leading Apple-based automation and unified communication solution. The power and flexibility of a truly open platform, together with the strong telecom background of Savant's founders, have coalesced into the industries first control plus communications solution for residential and commercial applications providing robust and immediate intercom functionality.

House-wide iPad or iPod intercom.

Family members can communicate from iPad to iPad or Smart Dock to Smart Dock, providing robust and immediate intercom functionality.
Telephone Entry System

Communications A telephone entry system creates a communication link between an external intercom zone such as a front door or entry gate to every telephone in the home or office. When a visitor arrives and presses the doorbell, a distinctive sound is sent to the phones to alert the occupant that someone is calling in from the intercom.

Telephone Entry systems are commonly used in multi-tenant buildings that hold offices, condos or apartments. A directory unit is placed at a door that can be used to contact building occupants. It may have a list of occupants and a code number that is dialed or may connect the visitor tot he tenant as a button by their name is pushed.
Telephone Entry System

Communications AE-2

As a telephone entry system, AE- 2 provides full duplex telephone communications through hands- free operation, and controls four openings via touch-tone telephone. It is supplied in a rugged, stainless steel, surface mount housing that will withstand years in the toughest environments.

Remarkable ease of operation is made possible by a highly visible keypad and large display, which presents visitors with a scrolling directory of up to 3,500 occupants (residents or employees) by name and code. When a code is entered on the keypad, a two-way voice link is established so the occupant can identify the visitor and grant access. Occupants gain entry using a special transmitter by keyless entry.
Telephone Entry System

Communications Access Control System For Two Doors
Proximity Reader

reader/writers are used for Access Control and a wide variety of Automatic Identification and Data Collection applications. Compliant with ISO 15693 standards, these high frequency 13.56 MHz units offer the latest in open architecture and interoperability.

The units have been optimized for use in access control applications. An industry-standard Wiegand interface allows easy connection to control panels by most manufacturers. Bi-color LED and buzzer control are also provided.

An RS-485 communications protocol is included. This permits two-way data transfer for read/write applications. Used with, or instead of, the Wiegand communications, RS-485 offers the systems integrator unique opportunities for merging access control and other systems.

Energy Our intelligent control technology enables the homeowner to monitor and reduce energy consumption of smart home electronics, conserve resources, and save money all without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

Energy Through an elegant iPad interface, Savant's Smart Energy Monitor solution measures energy usage and production in real-time, including historical data of multiple energy management devices. This provides consumers and facilities managers with real-time information on electricity use and costs. You can monitor each and every aspect of electricity usage, from appliances to heating and lighting, and view your entire electricity usage or production at home or remotely.

Moreover, consumers can reduce energy use and costs by controlling how and when specific devices use power particularly during peak pricing or load periods, and in a way that fits with their lifestyle or needs.

Energy Savant automation is easy on energy:

Set your intelligent lighting to automatically turn on and off with the rising and setting sun by timing them to an astronomical clock.

Pre-set blinds to close, shutting out powerful sunlight and keeping the interior of your home cool while conserving energy.

Reduce the demands on heating and cooling systems with climate control that regulates thermostat levels based on outside temperature.

Remotely monitor and manage all of the whole-house audio/video components and other smart home electronics with your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.


During important meetings, never waste your time or focus fumbling around with multiple remotes to pilot a presentation. Through familiar and easy-to-use touch devices, smart remotes, and On-TV Menu intelligent control, Savant provides one-touch control that streamlines interaction of all technologies within your boardroom, conference area, or executive briefing center.

From complete control and automation of intelligent lighting, climate, shades, privacy glass, audio/video equipment, and multi-media presentation material, to the powering of a telepresence or video conferencing meeting, Savant creates a simple, productive and efficient work environment.


From complete campus control, emergency alert notification, messaging and distance learning—to in-classroom lecture capture, interactive whiteboards, and basic management of multi-media presentation material, audio, video, intelligent lighting controls, shades, and temperature—Savant’s education solutions create a powerful learning experience with the added benefit of school-ground safety and utilities management.

Improve your educators’ efficiency and enhance the learning environment by providing dynamic and interactive pedagogical tools. An integrated teaching platform from Savant enables teachers to unify collaborative learning tools and technologies to create an impactful and memorable education experience for students.


Intelligent control and communications systems that offer high reliability, security and redundancy are critical for government institutions, military command facilities, courthouses, EOCs and NOCs. Savant delivers just that.

Savant's powerful platform can deliver mission-critical applications including secure communication to the front lines with dynamic content delivery mechanisms. It can also display courtroom evidence and help to manage reliable voting practices.


Retain the same level of control and entertainment you receive from a fully automated Savant Smart Home system while cruising the high seas on your yacht or touring the country in your luxurious motor coach.

Savant can create the perfect travel experience through the water, in the air and on the road with one-touch intelligent lighting, temperature, shade and media control from fully customized touch screens, smart remotes and key pads.


Savant can create a dynamic and comfortable worship experience by enhancing congregational education and communications. From a single, easy-to-operate remote touch screen in a centrally located area, set the appropriate atmosphere for congregants by adjusting intelligent lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, and microphone levels.

Complement traditionally designed worship settings by introducing audio and video display systems. With one touch, Savant can lower and raise projections screens and power High Definition TVs to exhibit important sermon messages or song lyrics.


Savant puts you in central and complete command of casino security and camera surveillance, hotel architectural lighting, restaurant temperature and climate— plus the digital signage and distributed AV in sports bars and nightclubs.

From a command post onsite or in remote location, monitor and manage energy consumption, run system diagnostics and schedule facility maintenance. Savant tightly integrates with motion and occupancy sensors to turn-off or lower intelligent lighting and temperature settings in unoccupied rooms or building zones.


Create the ultimate shopping or digital real estate experience with a Savant. With attractive Savant touch screens and smart remote controls, or Apple’s iPad® and iPod touch®—activate elegant storefront intelligent lighting scenes based on time of day or day of year—set a comfortable temperature, stream easy listening music, display important real estate, store and product information with interactive digital signage, and more.

Transform an entire mall or retail complex into a secure and productive energy efficient environment. With Savant Smart energy, property managers can remotely manage the security, climate, lighting, and audio/video subsystems with ease.


As hospitals and research labs modernize to take advantage of 21st century medicine and medical practices, Savant intelligent control systems can help streamline and harness the various healthcare technologies, patient information and training objectives and procedures.

Savant can take control of the entire complex or medical center, providing single-room or central intelligent lighting, climate control, content delivery and more—making the critical workday for nurses, doctors and other clinical staff more productive and efficient.


Take full advantage of the latest AV control technologies and media delivery solutions in broadcasting and film studios by leveraging Savant’s high-bandwidth and modular AV switching, process and scaling and digital signage systems.

With sophisticated film-lighting, media and recording control features, to highly reliable and fully redundant audio and video management, Savant intelligent control systems can automate multiple equipment actions and functions based on studio needs.

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T.L. Polk Industries, Inc. Reviews on Home Advisor
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